Sleep Deprivation + Inspiration

Now that the first issue of the magazine has made it out into the ether and I’ve caught up on my sleep, I thought it might be fun to do a little blogging before the Winter issue comes out. In the Autumn issue I mentioned one of my inspirations: Good Times: Every Kid’s Book of Things to Do by Marilyn Burns & Illustrated by Linda Allison and Martha Weston. When I was a pre-teen, it was amazing–so much so that I still have my battered and beaten copy lo these many years later. It’s been long out of print but if you have any kids in your life I strongly recommend tracking down a copy. Seriously, where else can you learn how to make petrified raindrops, tie-dyed t-shirts, or boil water in a paper box? Anyone else remember this book? What I want to know is: Why is my brother’s name on the front cover of my copy?!