You Pick

As you may have heard, there wasn’t a Pulitzer Prize awarded for fiction this year.  That’s not particularly rare (no award has been given almost 12% of the time) but it’s the first time no award has been given since 1977.  There’s uproar this time around because the book publishing industry could certainly use the boost provided by an award. 

I saw this post on The Online Photographer (aka TOP) blog and I really like the idea.  Go read the rules laid out by TOP’s Mr. Johnston and comment there as you see fit.  If you have the time, come back here and say what book you would nominate for the prize, too–I’m particularly interested!  Also, if you’re at all interested in photography, I’d say that The Online Photographer, including the well-moderated comments, is the blog to read.  TOP is intelligent, thought-provoking, and informative (and addictive).