Pick Up Sticks

You’ve done popsicle stick crafts haven’t you?  If not, they’re a fun, if silly, thing to do when you’re stuck indoors on a HOT summer day (did I mention it was hot?).  No resident kids needed.  You’ll need sticks (I recommend buying them at a craft store rather than eating a zillion popsicles) and glue.  And an imagination.  I may have been lacking in the imagination department because all my creations were remarkably boxy (indeed, they were boxes) and log cabin-like.  Like so: popsicle stick boxTake inspiration instead from artisan David Hrobowski who makes furniture with the little sticks.  I really like the chair.  Other pieces may be an acquired taste.

Ah, the memories!  We had an enormous stash of popsicle sticks in our garage when I was a kid.  My grandfather had worked for Vitafreze which made novelty ice cream treats and he got them for us.  It was always great to go over to my grandparents’ house in the summertime, go out to the garage, and open their awesome 1950s refrigerator (that thing ran for 50 years and looked pretty cool) for one of the cups of vanilla ice cream with the attached wooden spoon that he also still got from Vitafreze.  Today’s ice cream cups don’t compete.

My grandparents had a lamp made completely (shade and base) out of popsicle sticks.  That thing was heavy.  Not sure what happened to it.  Like I said: an acquired taste.

Have you ever made anything out of popsicle sticks?  What?