Go Vote!

It’s Election Day in the United States.  Please don’t forget to vote.  The electorate’s apparent apathy is so discouraging.  I know it sometimes feels like your vote doesn’t matter; it does matter.

VOTESilver lining: No more invasive phone calls, ads, or mailers for a while!

Only One More

Today is 11/12/13 if you live in the US and/or subscribe to the writing-the-month-first scheme of things. There’s only 12/13/14 next year and then we’re out of sequential dates like that until the 2100s begin. Go do something fun to celebrate today. The Taste Tester is making his famous lasagne tonight–celebration enough for me!

P.S. Just to whet your appetite (hopefully), the next issue of QSB Magazine will likely include articles on afternoon tea, board games, bees, books, planets, and much more. Stay tuned.


Twelve things about the number twelve or about today’s date:

1. The date (as written above) is palindromic and also the same in the US as well as Europe for once.
2. Cookies (always good things) come in dozens.
3. In Italian, twelve = dodici.
4. A twelve-faced polyhedron is known as a dodecahedron.
5. There are twelve months in the Gregorian calendar which is the one most of the world uses.
6. This newly released book, The Twelve Tribes of Hattie, looks interesting (even though it’s been named an Oprah book…ick!).
7. Of course, there are twelve days of Christmas. Please remember that these are NOT the twelve days before Christmas. Although we happen to have twelve days left until Christmas, these are not the Twelve Days of Christmas!!!!!!
8. Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night or What You Will takes place on the last evening of Christmas (Twelfth Night = the evening of January 5). Lots of mistaken identity and cross-dressing in this play!
9. There are 12 signs in the Zodiac.
10. The Roman number for 12 is XII.
11. A foot is made up of 12 inches.
12. 12/12/12 is the last triple-digit date until the 2100s so go out and enjoy it!


soapboxIn addition to Slow Down & Relax, this month I’m telling myself to Take Joy Where I Find It.  And, lest we all gag on the pop-psychology of it all, I’ll stop after one example…Life is rough around here lately.

A picnic in the park on a gorgeous fall day.  That helped for a little while.

So, Carpe Diem. Take Joy Where You Can Find It.  Slow Down & Relax.  Whatever floats your boat.  Choose something.  Now.