7 Days ’til Christmas: Scents of the Season

The whole house smells wonderful because of the Christmas tree, the baking and cooking that has been going on, and the citrus pomander balls I made for my office. Have you made one? It’s citrus season. Grab an orange, lemon, or lime; a sharp object like a skewer or knitting needle; and some whole cloves (they might be cheaper in bulk).

OrangesPoke starter holes in your fruit with the skewer and then push a clove into each hole. The closer together the cloves, the longer the pomander will last. If it dries properly, it might even last for years.

You can tie a ribbon around the whole thing and secure it with more cloves at the ribbon’s edge and then hang your pomander.  I took the lazy way out using lemons (they’re smaller) and parking them in little ramekins.

Lemon pomanderIn any case, the pomander scent is wonderful. Try it, you might think so too.