Quarterly Speed Bump Magazine is published, like the name implies, quarterly and as close as possible to the first day of each season.  We bill the magazine as “Full of Things to Do with articles on ways to help you slow down and relax including hobbies, books, and recipes.”

We’ve been heavily inspired by a now out of print book sent to the Editor by her aunt when she was a kid: Good Times: Every Kid’s Book of Things to Do.   Adults need something similar.

Not only was a book the inspiration for QSB, books also feature prominently in its pages. Books in all their forms–paper or electronic–are still marvelous things.  We also encourage our readers to put down the books or the e-devices, to step away from the screens, and (at least a couple of times a week) to get outdoors and enjoy nature and to get some exercise too.

We hope QSB‘s digital pages will give you friendly encouragement to try that new hobby you’ve been thinking about, maybe go outside and watch birds or take a walk, or just stay indoors and put your feet up for a while as you work a puzzle or two.  We think the world needs more relaxed and cheerful people.  This is our little part of making that happen. 

But, a quarterly magazine is limiting when we have something to say at another time.  That’s why you’ll also find a blog on our website.  The blog is updated up to a couple of times a week and includes topics of interest to our editor that fit with the theme of the magazine…slowing down and relaxing.

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  1. I am so excited to have discovered your pub via a comment left on Try’s website (for which I am a contributing writer/editor). I was looking through your most recent issue and felt like I’d just arrived somewhere familiar, and comforting. Thank you! (p.s. that book, GT: Every Kid’s Book… was my FAVORITE… making chalk out of eggshells, etc). Glad to see goodness is abound (as Try moves forward and we get a page of places on the web we love, I would love to include QSB). -Laura

    • Thanks Laura! This was just the perfect thing to hear while I’m wrestling the summer issue of QSB into submission. I’ve been following Try and am very excited by what you’re doing there–it would be splendid to get a mention on your site (funnily enough, I’ve been holding Try’s 30 Things idea as a reward carrot for myself…not there yet but soon).


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