Puzzles from the Mag

Here’s the PDF of the Summer 2012 “At the Crossroads” pages from the magazine.

Other puzzles (from the Spring 2012 issue) and old answers (from the Winter 2011/2012 issue) coming soon.

Here are the puzzle pages (aka In the Word Zone) from the Winter 2011/2011 issue of Quarterly Speed Bump Magazine as a PDF or below is the jpg version. Enjoy. If you haven’t yet done the crossword puzzle from the Autumn 2011 issue, the answers are included here so no peeking!









For those of you who might have had trouble printing out the puzzle pages (aka At The Crossroads) from the Autumn 2011 issue of Quarterly Speed Bump Magazine, here’s the Autumn2011_PuzzlePages as a PDF. Or click the images below for the jpg version. I hope this helps!

Crossword Puzzle Page 1 Autumn 2011 Quarterly Speed Bump MagazineCrossword Puzzle Page 2 Autumn 2011 Quarterly Speed Bump Magazine

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