19 Days ’til Christmas: Cut That Out

Do you have a thing for cookie cutters? I make cut-out cookies about once every 5 years, if that (I’ll make them this year for sure AND share the recipe with you), but I have a large cutter collection in spite of that. My maternal grandmother gave me all her cutters when she decided she wasn’t going to use them anymore. The Christmas-themed ones she gave me are pictured here. I’m most fond of the angel because I haven’t seen that one elsewhere–of course, it’s hard to make her wing look anything other than wonky.

Cookie CuttersBut then I went crazy with the collecting. I have reindeer and stars, snowmen and Santas, and lots of trees. The cutters at IKEA (hedgehogs!, snails!) and now at Trader Joe’s of all places are tempting. I might have spider, bat, and California-shaped cutters as well. But, tie a pretty ribbon around them and they make great decorations for the tree. Or use them as templates for seasonal felt ornaments.

Do you have a favorite cookie cutter shape? Or is making cut-out cookies too much of a pain and far removed from slowing down and relaxing?