Our garden, except for the strawberries, still has a while to go before anything is harvestable.   I’ve been haunting the farmer’s market instead.  To celebrate all that gorgeous fresh produce, I’m declaring this Farmer’s Market Week.  Sometimes the week just has to start on a Thursday.


Today's bounty: The radish!

The “recipe”: You’ve heard of this traditional french snack before, I’m sure.  It’s the only way I like radishes.  Take your very fresh, cleaned radishes and slice thinly.  Spread a baguette slice (not too think a slice–about a 1/4″) with high quality butter.  Top the butter with your radish slices then sprinkle with sea salt.  Eat.  If you’re carb-phobic, you can skip the bread and just dip your halved radishes in butter and sprinkle on the salt.

radishes with butter and sea saltHow do you like to eat radishes?

Bonus Joke from The Electric Radish and Other Jokes selected by Susan Thorndike & illustrated by Ray Cruz:

What is red, has a tail, and hums?Electric Radish illustrated by Ray CruzAnswer: an electric radish