Happy New Year

FireworksIt’s not entirely brand-spanking new but 4 days old is hardly well-used. So, Happy 2012 to You. By this time you’ve surely seen our Winter 2011/2012 issue of Quarterly Speed Bump Magazine (if not, click on over here).  We hope you enjoy the content and want to let you know that we’re already starting work on the Spring issue.  We’re aiming for a release date of March 20 but the Editor has finally (we think) learned her lesson about announcing absolute deadlines.  Like Douglas Adams, she seems to enjoy the “whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”

We do hope you had a merry Christmas if you celebrated. You may have noticed that we never got to blog the 12 Days of Christmas after we hit the end of the advent calendar posts due to the website difficulties that apparently started on December 24.  The tech problems have been resolved but the the joy got sucked out of the 12-Day blogging idea.  We’ll have a grand 12 Days of Christmas wrap up on the last day of Christmas instead: January 6th. Come back for that.  And expect more blog updates a couple times a week between now and our next issue (you know, the one that will be out sometime around March 20th).