After the Time Change

There are months left of hospital and care facility visits around these parts. But, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and there’s light in the evenings now so it doesn’t seem quite so bad. Spring training has started and there are a few games already on TV. Cheers! and happy almost-Spring! What are you planning for the upcoming season?

National History Day

I was so sleepy yesterday; sleep won out over blogging. Probably a wise decision.

NHDBut today, I must tell you about National History Day–a competition for kids in 4th-12th grades who analyze and interpret sources about a particular theme in history and then present their findings. The 2014-2015 theme is Leadership and Legacy in History. Now I don’t have any kids in the competition and I’m certainly not in 4th-12th grade but I’ve been thinking about what leader I might have chosen to research if in that situation.  I’m still pondering.  Who would you choose?

All Quiet on the Blogging Front

Confession: I am battling one of the worst cases of writer’s block that I’ve ever had.  Not really sure what the cause is but you notice the result is few-to-no blog posts.  Still working on the next issue of the magazine (Spring!) and one hopes it will come out while it still is spring but not yet sure of the exact date.  Watch this space!  How’s your spring going?  Any tips for battling ye olde dreaded writer’s block?

Welcome Winter

The Winter Solstice is here. Enjoy the returning of the light after today. Stay warm and safe and happy holidays from the QSB crew. 

FYI: the winter issue of the magazine will be coming your way in January early February.