Transit of Venus

For you astronomy buffs, today’s the transit of Venus.  That’s when you’ll see the silhouette of the planet as it passes in front of the sun.  It should start just after 3 p.m. PDT for western North America–if you’re in Asia, Australia, or most of Europe the transit is on June 6.  Don’t look at the sun without the proper protection!  Sunglasses are not proper protection.  Here are Sky & Telescope’s tips for viewing the transit.  If you miss this one, the next one will be in 2117 (so don’t miss this one).

The Day the World Discovered the Sun by Mark Anderson

Related book note: there’s a new book out, The Day the World Discovered the Sun: An Extraordinary Story of Scientific Adventure and the Race to Track the Transit of Venus by Mark Anderson regarding the June 1761 & 1769 transits of Venus.  Kirkus called it “a scientific adventure tale” and I have to agree.  Good reading!